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Wedding days goes by in the blink of an eye, and because of the fast paced nature of the day you’ve got to be prepared for every possible situation, as a wedding photographer. To instill your confidence in me I’ve compiled this list of the things I bring along with me on a wedding with some extras, in order to be completely prepared for any situation we may come across.

  1. Extra Hangers

    Your wedding dress, aside from you of course, is the most beautiful detail of your entire day, and arguably probably the most expensive detail so having images of it hanging on a dingy plastic hanger that’s holding on by a string just will not do it justice. I bring extra (really pretty) hangers to make sure your dress gets the beautiful image it deserves.

medicine hat wedding photographer

2. Ring Boxes

For the same reason I bring hangers, I also bring extra ring boxes to get the perfect picture of your wedding rings. That bling deserves a beautiful box!

medicine hat wedding photography

3. 3M Hooks

In my case of tricks I also have some 3M hooks. Why you ask? In case there isnt an adequate place to hang your dress for a picture. Sometimes we are left with no options and a 3M hook comes in to save the day. Thanks 3M!

medicine hat wedding photography

4. Emergency Makeup Bag

In my Emergency Makeup Bag I carry the essentials like bug spray for those crazy summer weddings, hairspray, chapstick and a nude lipstick (just in case), I also have a tiny bag full of bobby pins, hair ties, and headbands. I also have deodorant, bandaids, and a compact mirror. All the essentials!

medicine hat wedding photography

5. Batteries (allllllllll the batteries)

I also carry alllllllllllll the batteries you could imagine. I carry AA’s, AAA’s, D’s, and C’s. I mostly carry batteries for my flash equipment, but you never know when someone will need a battery. I was shooting a wedding this summer when the mic at the reception kept turning off. Turns out the battery was dying, so Brittany to the rescue with her ridiculous amount of batteries!

medicine hat wedding photography

6. All the Snacks and Drinks

Wedding days are exhausting. They’re very busy and sometimes you forget to eat. It’s just what happens. To solve that problem I bring tons of extra drinks and snacks to avoid a woozy bride or groom.

medicine hat wedding photography

7. Carrying Case

I carry all of my emergency items in my big white suitcase (which I will ask you to sign at the end of the night, and if I didn’t please message me so you can sign it!)

medicine hat wedding photography

Thank you so much for reading. I can’t wait to shoot all my 2019 weddings! First up, Mexico!


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