4 Tips to Nail Your Engagement Photos - Brittany Ross Photo

    photo by  BRITTANY ROSS PHOTO  of Payton Watts and Luke Coleman

    photo by BRITTANY ROSS PHOTO of Payton Watts and Luke Coleman

With wedding season just around the corner, and in full-swing for some, I'd thought I'd share 4 tips that I've learned over the past year on how to nail your engagement photos from what to wear, what to avoid, and even down to the location. Keep these four things in the back of your mind when heading into your next engagement shoot.

1. Where something you are comfortable in.

Although this tip may seem like a given, it really is the most important tip. If you wear something too tight, or too loose you'll more than likely be picking at it, or pulling it all throughout your session. Try to avoid wearing something brand new, as you may be worried about how you look, or you may discover that it's extremely uncomfortable. If you do want to buy something new for your engagement session, take it for a test drive first to make sure you absolutely love it! For girls, I always suggest wearing something fun, and flowy with lots of movement, especially if your session is outdoors.

Try to avoid crazy patterns, or bright colours, and please if possible try to avoid baseball caps. I know they may be a staple in your wardrobe, but they restrict the poses that we can do because they block your face. 

2. Consider professional hair and makeup.

If you're not 100% percent confident in your hair or makeup skills you might want to schedule an appointment with your stylist prior to your shoot. Your makeup needs to be a bit more dark in order for it to stand out. If you have booked a makeup, and hair stylist for your wedding day then it would be a very smart idea to schedule your trial the day of your engagement shoot. You will always feel so much more confident in yourself when you get pampered to the max, which will make for incredible photos. 

3. Put some Thought into Your Location.

This tip is crucial. A location can make or break your engagement session. Take some time to think about a spot that is significant to you, and your fiance. Do you and your partner love to make popcorn together, cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix? Then maybe a cozy in-home session is right for you. Did you meet at your downtown coffee shot? Let's shoot there! Or do you love to go hiking on the weekends? Let's head to the Mountains! If you don't have a specific spot for you and your lover, leave the location up to me, i've got a few great spots up my sleeve! <3



4. When in Doubt, Dance!

Although it is my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of my camera, it is ALWAYS a good idea to practice your first dance during your session. So if I ask you to dance for me, don't be afraid and let it all out! The photos always turn out incredible, and you'll make an incredible memory with your loved one. <3

I hope this will help you on your engagement session! <3


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