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I'm a dreamer. I love to travel, and take photographs, so I decided to create a list of my 2018 Bucket List travel opportunities. Below is a list of places on my bucket list that I would like to travel and experience. If you're travelling to any of these places, and want to bring me a long on your adventure I'm offering discounted packages to couples that are willing to adventure with me! If you are travelling to any of these places any time this year, and would like to schedule a photo session with me in your fave spot, shoot me a message! If you plan on eloping in one of these places, message me!! If you already have a wedding booked in one of the spots, but have yet to find a photographer, contact me!! 


- can be used for small weddings, elopements, or any lifestyle/couples
session between you and your partner.
- You must not be afraid
to show your love in front of my camera.

Antelope Canyon, AZ
Mountain Elopement or Wedding
Mexican Destination Wedding

Paris, FR
Utah Salt Flats
Morocco Sand Dunes

If you're planning some adventurous and unique but your destination isn't listed,
please feel free to message me! <3